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The joy of sharing photos, Peru

This image shot by Judit Fabian. Judit was one of the tour guests on my May, 2008 Peru tour. She captured me handing out pictures to a group of children in a remote, andean, indigenous weaving community. One of the great joys of photography is sharing pictures. Since I have the opportunity to revisit places […]

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Travel Advice – Sunglasses

Sun glasses: Maui Jim Titanium Sport Sun glasses I’m a freak about good quality lenses for my cameras, and equally as picky about the lenses in the sunglasses that protect my eyes. Comfort and protection are key elements for me so the Maui Jim Titanium sport Kapalua is my choice. They are super lightweight, and […]

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Online Photo Storage

I use Smugmug for my on-line photo storing and sharing needs. Smugmug has many features and benefits that made it the best choice for me…. have a look at my Smugmug page by clicking the photo below. SmugMug keeps 4 backup copies of each photo in 3 states, that makes me feel pretty confident. My […]

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Digital Workflow

Digital Workflow: organizing and backing up images while on the road. Establishing a system, or workflow while you are on assignment is essential. There’s nothing worse than returning from a trip and being faced with a huge editing job. Good workflow while on assignment also helps you stay on top of the “story”. I shoot […]

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How to carry your cameras and adjust your straps

1. Set your strap lengths so your cameras don’t bang into each other. 2. Medium to long zoom lenses are best carried “backwards”. It’s a simple thing, but very important…if you’re carrying two bodies make sure to adjust the straps to different lengths so that your cameras do not bang together while you are walking. […]

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Electricity concers and solutions while traveling

Electricity is always a consideration, so be sure to bring plug adapters. Don’t confuse a plug adapter with a power converter though. These days most computer, digital camera battery rechargers, AA and AAA NIMH battery chargers and other items, run on dual voltage, so you probably don’t need a power converter.(check the back of your […]

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Money Issues while travelling

If you’re walking around with a bunch of expensive cameras be sure to make eye contact with the bad guys so that they know that you see them. Keep your head on a swivel, as you walk around, always have an “escape route”. In crowded market places “make friends” as you walk along. Talk to […]

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Pac-Safe Luggage locking system

I use it all the time….it’s the only reason I feel even remotely comfortable leaving anything of value in my room. I use the PAC-Safe 55, it fits packs with a volume of approximately: 1550-3400 cubic inches, (like my Eagle Creek Continental Journey) which means I can fit both my pack and my camera belt […]

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My Luggage – Things That I Pack

Over the years I have tried to streamline my luggage and its contents. Each time I return from a trip I delete things that I have not used or feel I can do without. For example, I used to carry a backpacker type water filtration system so I could make safe water from hotel tap […]

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Travel Advice – Laundry

Some simple clothing concepts: If I’m going somewhere hot, like Cambodia, I grab my light colored hat and light colored shirts (they reflect the sun and keep me cooler ) If I’m going somewhere cold I grab my black baseball cap, my dark colored shirts and my black fleece jacket. In the Himalayas or the […]

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Vietnam Explorer Photo Tour

The 2018 Jim Cline Photo Tours Vietnam Explorer Photo Tour has been completed. Another amazing trip through a country full […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveling Photographer

With the holidays right around the corner, you might be wondering what to purchase that special traveling photographer in your […]

India Photo Tour Video

A short film, chronicling the 2017 Jim Cline Photo Tours Pushkar trip. Still images and ground-based video shot using the […]

India: 2017 Pushkar Photo Tour

During our tour we visit the golden city of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is named after its founder Maharawal Jaisal Singh, a […]

India: 2017 Pushkar Photo Tour in Black and White

A selection of images in black and white from my recent Jim Cline Photo Tours, Pushkar trip, ending with some […]

India: Pushkar Fair and the Taj Mahal Photo Tour 2017

During the first full moon of November, India’s Pushkar Fair, Asia’s largest camel and livestock market springs to life in […]