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Today I'm highlighting Pathfinder International, a client I've been working with for over 5 years. Pathfinder works to improve the reproductive health of adolescents, women and men, throughout the developing world. You can help Pathfinder help women all over the world right now, it just takes a few minutes....

Baby in incubator Lima, Peru

Pathfinder International is one of my biggest clients, I’ve photographed their programs all over the world, including in Bihar India, for the cover shot of the spring 2010 edition of Pathways Magazine.  I’m always impressed with Pathfinder programs and people.  So, while I’m home this week, I wanted to introduce you to Pathfinder and alert you to an easy opportunity to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

You can make a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world right now. How you ask? Well, all you have to do is click this link, watch a video, then share it with a friend. Each time you share this video, a generous donor will give $1 to improve reproductive health services for girls and women.

Child, rural Peru

Here’s some information about Pathfinder and the program.

Since 1957, Pathfinder International has maintained an unwavering belief in the right of women and families to have access to contraception and to quality reproductive health care. Pathfinder’s founder Clarence Gamble, a pioneer in family planning and maternal health, introduced contraception to more than 60 developing countries, including some where Pathfinder is still engaged today.

Condoms for sale, pharmacy, Bihar, India

Pathfinder works in remote locations, under the most difficult conditions, serving the most vulnerable people. Pathfinder collaborates with governments, NGOs, and community- and faith-based organizations to make contraception available and provide the quality care needed to ensure safe childbirth and healthy families.

Postpartum counseling, Bihar, India

Working in countries with high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, Pathfinder provides a continuum of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services and are expanding the integration of these services into reproductive health and family planning programs. Though controversial, Pathfinder supports safe abortion care in countries where it’s legal, provides reproductive health services to commercial sex workers and adolescents, and advocate for sound reproductive health policies in the US and abroad.

Empowerment, Bihar, India

Pathfinder’s work focuses on overcoming barriers and is based on developing long-term relationships, not only with clients, but with entire communities. Working in traditional societies, Pathfinder understands that changes in attitude and behavior must have the support of religious and community leaders, the guardians of local culture.

Pathfinder trains doctors, nurses, midwives, traditional birth attendants, community-based health workers, and teachers. At the same time, builds the capacity of their partner organizations to make them stronger, more effective, and able to thrive independently once our support has ended.

If you’ve made it this far; thanks for reading, and if you watched the video and passed it along, thanks also, you’ve made a difference in a woman’s life in some country that Pathfinder works.

I’m off to Thailand on Saturday to shoot for The Asia Foundation and I’ll be blogging along the way. Cheers, Karl

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