The Malabar Coast is stunning and the inland areas teem with coconut groves, rice paddy fields, secluded beaches, verdant hillside spice gardens and isolated inland waterways. Slow-paced and rhythmic Malabar is the essence of authentic India. People here celebrate life with a myriad of marvelous rituals and colorful festivals, making this region one of the best places to see unique religious and cultural traditions.

On this trip we explored the best of these areas. Highlights included two spectacular fairs, (the tribal fair of Baneshwar and the an Elephant Festival in Thrissur), the peaceful Backwaters of Kerala on your own private houseboat, the bustling bazaars of Cochin, the picturesque lanes and passageways in the Pols of Ahmedabad and the fascinating Rann of Kutch.

The trip also included a brief stay in the vibrant city of Mumbai, (formerly Bombay), with its contemporary, often in your face culture, reflecting both the affluence and poverty of more than 15 million people crowded onto this island. Restaurants, bars, museums and shops intermingle with shining new skyscrapers, congested streets, bright neon lights, poverty-stricken slums, and the glamorous film industry of Bollywood.

We had an amazing group of enthusiastic photographer’s and I’m already looking forward to next year’s trip!

Meanwhile here are some images made along the way….