T his year tour participants on the Jim Cline Photo Tours 2017 India: Three Festivals Photo Tour will have the chance to witness three of India’s most photogenic festivals, all in the space of a 14 day trip! First we’ll witness Holi Celebration, India’s “Festival of Colors”, an occasion to celebrate the coming of the spring. We will concentrate on photographing Widow’s Holi at Vrindavan, a more sedate and reverent celebration, where flowers are thrown rather than water and color. Next we travel to Punjab to see the Hola Mohalla festival where Sikhs practice their military exercises, hold mock battles and partake in martial arts parades, where Nihang warriors & Nihang Horsemen on beautifully decorated horses display their skills. To round out our three festival tour, we travel to the Kavant Fair, a gathering of Gujarat’s Rathva community, to recreate the joy of existence and life. We will photograph the exuberance of Rathva men and women dressed in their distinctive finery, who congregate to sing, dance, discuss marriages and liaisons and barter goods and services.

Guests are arriving as I write this blog post and for the last few days my good friend and long-time local guide DV and I have been doing some last minute scouting and preparations for the trip. We were in Vrindavan where I made these images yesterday. I do believe that it’s going to be quite a photogenic itinerary. Please enjoy these 20 photographs.




















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