M ore images from my recent Ladakh scouting trip. The following photos include images of Buddhist monks, Buddhist nuns and local people wearing traditional Ladakhi dress. Additionally, there are several shots of the fascinating and welcoming Aryan people who live in several remote villages.

In each community, monastery and ethnic group that we explored in Ladakh we found fascinating, friendly, curious, photogenic people. One of the most interesting opportunities we had was to visit several Aryans. The Aryans live in several villages, situated on the northern bank of Indus river on the road to Baltistan. In these communities, which for thousands of years have been in isolation, are the Aryans. People with distinct features – tall in stature, with green eyes, high cheek bone, fair with flawless skin even some with blonde hair. These people consider themselves to be the pure bloodline of the Aryans, perhaps even direct descendants from the Alexander’s Army, some of whom reportedly stayed back after Alexander abandoned his campaign at the banks of river Indus in 326 BC. They do not marry outside of their tight knit community.

For our 2018 photo tours in Ladakh, we’ll be including excursions to interact, photograph and speak with these unique groups.  Meanwhile enjoy these 25 pictures….


























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