D uring my scouting trip for the 2018 Photo Tour to Ladakh, my visit to the nomadic pastoralists was indeed one of the highlights!   Just how, when, and where nomadic pastoralists inhabiting Ladakh today originated remains a mystery. These nomadic people are generally believed to be among the earliest inhabitants of the region. It is thought that they have always been nomads and are closely related to nearby, Tibetan nomadic tribes.

The Ladakh nomads we visited are among the dwindling number of herders who’s livelihood depends completely on caring for the goats that produce the much sought after and extremely soft Kashmir wool used to produce the worlds finest Pahminas. Pashmina wool comes from the hair of the Himalayan goat, a rare animal living above 4,000 meters of altitude, in the Ladakh region of Indian-controlled Kashmir. And yes, for those of you wondering…..I’ve planned time to visit a small shot that sells only the highest quality, 100% genuine, pashmina wool shawls, scarves and other items.




















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