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Dengue Fever & EV-71 Outbreak In Cambodia

Update from Cambodia: As I write this, I’m sitting at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Phnom Penh. It’s the day that participants of my annual Angkor Photo Workshop are out “working on their stories” and I have a chance to catch up on correspondence. Typically, I would be blogging about the ongoing workshop but I [...]

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It’s Rewarding To See Your Work In Print

After 3 months worth of assignments and photo tours in Southeast Asia, I arrived to a rather large pile of snail mail which had accumulated in my absence. It’s always kind of fun to flip through things because often times, clients will send me copies of correspondence in which my photos were used. One piece [...]

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Seva Cambodia: Restoring Sight To The Blind

This week I’m in northwestern Cambodia, shooting a job for the Seva. The first time I shot for Seva, was back in 2004. Now almost a decade later I’m delighted to see that their programs have expanded and are flourishing here. I am equally happy to blog about Seva, so that you can understand a [...]

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“Come Along For The Ride” Video Is Ready For Viewing!

Happy New Year to all of you. As we begin 2012 it’s exciting and exhilarating to look forward to another year of photographic possibilities. I’ll begin the year by launching my new video journal called: “Come Along For The Ride”. After spending an inordinate amount of time over the holidays, editing images, audio, and countless [...]

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Countdown To My New Blog Feature:

For the new year, I’m going to be introducing a new feature on my blog called: “Come Along For The Ride”. “Come Along For The Ride” will be a series of video journals shot on location, in which I’ll not only be describing my work, but also providing insights into what I do, and why [...]

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A Tribute To Rose

(November 14th) This morning I got the news that Rose passed away. You may remember Rose from my post of August 31, 2011 entitled “Perseverance”. Rose, an abandoned,  gravely ill 13 year old girl, was a patient a Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti, while I was there shooting an assignment. Before reading further you might [...]

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NGO Assignment Sri Lanka: Pettah Market, Colombo

As I write this post, I’m sitting in the Thai Airways departure area of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. I’m finished with work in Sri Lanka, and am heading back to California. The last batch of images that I will share from my Asia Foundation shoot, is from Pettah Market, Fort railway station and Gangaramaya Temple in [...]

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NGO Assignment: The Asia Foundation, Sri Lanka, Continued…

I’m going to post some shots today; nothing specific to any Asia Foundation programs, but rather, some fun shots of life in Sri Lanka. When I’m shooting for an NGO, I am often shooting meetings or other activities. Whenever there is “down-time”, I spend the time gathering images that might work for a multitude of [...]

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NGO Assignment: The Asia Foundation, Promoting Peace in Sri Lanka

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in all my years shooting for NGO’s is that the successful NGOs  are the ones that create “sustainable” long term projects. To be sustainable, projects in countries like Sri Lanka  must be based on “local efforts”. The Asia Foundation’s program of helping the police to integrate with the [...]

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NGO Assignment Sri Lanka: The Asia Foundation

Sunday, I left Calcutta to fly to Columbo, Sri Lanka, to shoot another job for The Asia Foundation, I was just here in Sri Lanka in September, but there’s new material to shoot, so I’m making a stop here before I head back to the states. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been on the [...]

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Vietnam Photo Tour Post: Can Tho – Hoi An Wide Angle Shots

After a morning shoot at the floating market, we spent the rest of the day shooting in Can Tho town. [...]

Vietnam Photo Tour: March 2015

The Jim Cline Photo Tours Vietnam Explorer Vietnam tour is off and running! Vietnam, Southeast Asia’s “skinniest country”, stretches roughly [...]

South India Photo Tour: Final Set of Images

This is the final set of my images from the inaugural Jim Cline Photo Tours South India Photo Tour. The [...]

South India Photo Tour: Fifth Set of Images

After our tea plantation shoot in Munnar and our first afternoon shooting the banana market in Madaurai, we took to [...]

South India Photo Tour: Fourth Set of Images

This set of images begins with our spectacular sunrise above the clouds at the world’s highest organic tea Plantation near [...]

South India Photo Tour: Third Set of Photos

This is the third post from South India. I’m back home now and there will be a few more posts [...]