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Hopital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti

While on the topic of Hospitals, I feel compelled to share with you the story of another truly amazing hospital, this one, in Haiti. Back in 2001 I shot a job for Health Volunteers Overseas. One of the locations that I photographed was HAS or Hopital Albert Schweitzer(yes, it’s Hopital not Hospital). HAS was started […]

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Angkor Hospital For Children, Cambodia

Yes it’s true, just last month  I posted about Angkor Hospital for Children, but I’m posting again for two reasons. First, because their 2008 Annual Report just came out, full of images that I captured while shooting their story for Town and Country Magazine earlier this year.      And secondly, because Friends Without a […]

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PADF: The Pan American Development Foundation:

Over the last 8 years I’ve done quite a bit of work for The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), shooting for them in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Cuba, so I’m going to take this opportunity to highlight them in my blog today. PADF is a non-government humanitarian aid organization that works to empower […]

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The Philippines: Massacre in Mindanao

Yesterda,  I blogged about my work documenting human trafficking in The Philippines, and today I woke to news about a masacre in Mindanao. To say the least, I was saddened to hear about the recent violence there. News agencies report that more than 45 people were killed in the remote town of Datu Abdullah Sanki […]

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Human Trafficking

  I’ve recently returned from four months worth of assignments and people have been asking me what types of stories I was shooting for my NGO clients (Non-Government Organizations). So, why not use the blog to explain…..In August I was in the Philippines working for two different NGOs one for a story revolving around the […]

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Bodhgaya India

Bodhgaya, Bihar, India. It’s here that Buddha attained enlightenment…I’m trying to attain it too, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I am here shooting for Pathfinder International. Pathfinder began working here in 1999 to advance the reproductive health needs of underserved and vulnerable populations. Today I was photographing a (FCA ) Female Change Agent […]

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Kenro Izu Angkor Hospital for Children Siem Reap Cambodia

  I had the pleasure of working with and photographing Kenro Izu an internationally acclaimed Japanese photographer & humanitarian known best for his photographs of sacred places. Ten years ago, during a series of trips to photograph the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, Kenro was moved by his encounters with children disfigured by landmines and […]

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Vietnam Explorer Photo Tour

The 2018 Jim Cline Photo Tours Vietnam Explorer Photo Tour has been completed. Another amazing trip through a country full […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveling Photographer

With the holidays right around the corner, you might be wondering what to purchase that special traveling photographer in your […]

India Photo Tour Video

A short film, chronicling the 2017 Jim Cline Photo Tours Pushkar trip. Still images and ground-based video shot using the […]

India: 2017 Pushkar Photo Tour

During our tour we visit the golden city of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is named after its founder Maharawal Jaisal Singh, a […]

India: 2017 Pushkar Photo Tour in Black and White

A selection of images in black and white from my recent Jim Cline Photo Tours, Pushkar trip, ending with some […]

India: Pushkar Fair and the Taj Mahal Photo Tour 2017

During the first full moon of November, India’s Pushkar Fair, Asia’s largest camel and livestock market springs to life in […]