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India Pushkar Fair Photo Tour: Caroline Villeneuve

Caroline Villeneuve of Bathurst, New brunswick, Canada, one of the novices in our group (and a very quick learner, I must say), immediately began to make many wonderful, interesting and evocative images. Here, Caroline captured three Rajasthani men sitting in a row. She positioned herself so that the three men were at an increasing distance […]

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Our Photo Tour Makes the Local Jaisalmer Newspaper!

Jim Cline Photo Tours highlighted in the local newspaper! While shooting an impromptu sunrise ceremony at Gadisar lake near Jaisalmer, the local newspaper snapped this shot of Vivien Rickaby photographing a sadhu. The caption (in Hindi) reads “Smile for the camera”. Other group members visible in the photo include Pete Fay and Ayn Brown.

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India Pushkar Fair Photo Tour: (by Blank)

(blank) of San Diego California spotted this bird perched on a motorcycle rear view mirror and captured a magnificent image. The tiny bird only paused for a few seconds but blank was quick to capture the instant that the bird noticed his own reflection. When blank is not traveling he shoots surfers on the California […]

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India Pushkar Fair Photo Tour: Michel Sirois

On our second morning at Pushkar Fair several tour guests decided to get up before dawn to photograph the Rajasthani tribal men sitting around the campfires and having their morning masala tea. We situated ourselves at an intersection of two foot paths near a busy tea shop and started panning everyone that walked past. Michel […]

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India Pushkar Fair Photo Tour: Ayn Brown

This killer shot is by Ayn Brown of Johannesburg South Africa. Ayn captured this man smoking a chillum. By putting the subject off center and also framing the man’s head and the smoke against the darkness of the window, Ayn took what could have been a good shot and made it an extraordinary image. Way […]

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India Pushkar Photo Tour: John Rickaby

  This fantstic shot by John Rickaby was made today at Amber Fort in Jaipur. John captured this image using an old Canon digital Rebel…so if you think using an outdated entry level digital SLR will hold you back; think again! It’s the photographer rather then the camera that matters most. Great shot John!

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India Pushkar Photo Tour: Tom Lehman

  Everyone on the tour is getting such wonderful images I’m posting them for all to see. The first image I am posting is by Thomas (the bull) Lehman of New York. Tom’s image reminds me of a Steve McCurry shot….dark, mysterious and utilizing a very shallow depth of field. Tom is known as “the […]

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Kuri Dunes’ Wonderful Sillouettes

  Just a quick update on our tour. We’re in Jaipur now having just left the Pushkar fair. Our group of ten is having a great time. While in Jaisalmer we were working on sillouettes during our evening camel safari to the Khuri Dunes. Every one in our group got some great images. Here’s an […]

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Fun in Myanmar (Burma)

  Last year (2008) during my Myanmar photo tour, I was sitting in the shade at the foot of Mingun Pagoda enjoying a Coke when a Buddhist monk drove up in a home made truck with a load of Burmese folks in the back. Being one of the few foreigners around (tourism was way down […]

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The joy of sharing photos, Peru

This image shot by Judit Fabian. Judit was one of the tour guests on my May, 2008 Peru tour. She captured me handing out pictures to a group of children in a remote, andean, indigenous weaving community. One of the great joys of photography is sharing pictures. Since I have the opportunity to revisit places […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveling Photographer

With the holidays right around the corner, you might be wondering what to purchase that special traveling photographer in your […]

Republic of Guinea: Education Development Center, 2004

The Republic of Guinea lies on the West coast of Africa between Guinea Bissau to the north and Sierra Leone to […]

Angkor Photo Workshop 2016 Part 2

After finishing one week of intensive work doing photo assignments in Siem Reap, Angkor Photo Workshop participants headed to Cambodia’s […]

World Malaria Day, April 25, 2016

Today, April 25th is World Malaria Day, but in reality, for half the world, every day is malaria day. Statistics show us […]

Hidden Cambodia: In Search of the Stone Elephant of Srah Damrie

Lonley Planet, Trip Advisor, Rough Guides, CNN, BBC and National Geographic have all listed Angkor Wat as one of the […]

Harvard University Exhibition: A Common Humanity

On March 7th, I received some unexpected correspondence from Harvard University, requesting my participation in their annual International Relations Week […]