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Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers

  Once again it is that time of the year for me to post my holiday gift suggestions. The following items are things that I use on a daily basis and highly recommend. I hope this list will help you purchase the correct gift for yourself or a friend or family member. Eneloop USB charger: [...]

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Ten Holiday Gift Ideas For The Traveling Photographer

Efficiency, usefulness, functionality, convenience and comfort; all considerations before I pack anything in my bags. The following items make my job easier, more comfortable or more convenient, so perhaps they will be good gifts for friends, or even for yourself. For carrying pocket cash and credit cards I use the “World’s Thinnest Wallet”, the bulk [...]

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Free International Phone Calls ?

My brother told me about this service which he saw on Yahoo finance.  I checked it out. Here’s how it works: Pick up your (USA based) phone, dial a local number, listen to a 15 second advertisement, then place a free overseas 10 minute call. No sign ups, no email required, no passwords….all you have [...]

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Ten Christmas Gift Ideas

There are some ordinary things that I use on a daily basis, and they are just so well made, comfortable, or user friendly that they make me happy every time I use them. So if you’re looking for a gift idea here are a few of the things I would suggest for the photographer/traveler in your life.

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Spider Holster Update and Review: Go Strapless!

On March 1, 2010 I did a blog post about my impressions of the Spider Holster after two months of daily use. Now, after another five months of almost daily use during assignments in Sudan, Mali, Kenya, Cambodia, and Thailand, I would like to update everyone on my experience with this ground breaking product.

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Apricorn Aegis Mini: the mini drive I trust for backing up my images

For the last 5 years, while on assignment, I have been backing up my images onto a wonderful, little external hard drive made by Apricorn. The model I am using now is a 1.8 inch, USB powered external hard drive with an integrated USB cable, called the Aegis Mini.  It’s the most compact,  durable and [...]

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I’m not looking forward to tonight’s long flight from LA to Manila. A coach seat isn’t exactly what you’d call comfortable, especially with an expected fly-time of about 17 hours. But that doesn’t have to be time wasted..not when I have a new “novel” to read! With the arrival of the new Nikon D3s’s, it’s [...]

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The Nikons Arrived, my Canons Are For Sale

Well, as much as I hate to do it, I’m selling my Canons. It’s been 6 years that I’ve worked with them, but it’s time to let ‘em go. These two workhorses have done an admirable job for me and I have enjoyed making images all around the world with them, but the new Nikons [...]

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What a Difference 6 Years Makes!

The biggest advancement in camera technology has been clean high ISO Here’s a shot with my Canon Mark II set at 1600 ISO Here’s a shot with the Nikon D3S set at 6400 ISO

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It’s official, I’m Announcing Retirement:

The retirement of the two Canon Mark II bodies and the 16-35 and 70-200 lenses that have served me so well over the last 6 years. These two workhorses have been the tools which have helped me earn a living. They have been by my side through thick & thin, and then some. I’ve lived [...]

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Angkor Photo Workshop 5

Battambang, the last stop on the 2014 Angkor Photo Workshop is home to many wonderful photo opportunities including the unique [...]

Angkor Photo Workshop 4

The next stop on this year’s  Angkor Photo Workshop was Battambang. Battambang is Cambodia’s second largest city and the capital [...]

Angkor Photo Workshop 3

After finishing one week of intensive work doing photo assignments in Siem Reap, Angkor Photo Workshop participants headed to Cambodia’s [...]

Angkor Photo Workshop 2

For the last few months I’ve been incredibly busy,  priorities dictated that I take a brief hiatus from blogging. Now [...]

Angkor Photo Workshop 2014

On this date 3 years ago, utterly exhausted, yet satisfied and delighted, I sat and pondered the memories of my [...]

Myanmar Photo Tour: Sittwe & Mruak U

It’s a bit after the fact but I’m finally getting around to posting about this year’s  optional extension to my [...]