Scripps Ranch Fire October 30, 2003 weather today, and a bit of rain, just enough to smear the ash that has covered the windshield of my jeep since Sunday. My green Wrangler looks more gray than green as I head to Pinecastle street on what I now call, my "usual route". I'm getting to know the streets almost as if I were a resident myself. My trusty Thomas Guide sits idly on the back seat now. The area along Fairbrook and Pinecastle look like some massive archeological site, as Scripps Ranch residents sift through the rubble of their homes searching for items to salvage. I notice that neighbors whose homes survived the fire have become neighborhood aid stations supplying water, food, bathrooms, or whatever else they have to offer. In the driveway of one home is a sign which reads, "restroom, water, kitchen, borrow anything" .....I think to myself, this is what community is all about.

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