Eldoret Kenya: The Death of Pamela Jabechi

I spent February and March of this year documenting the work of volunteer physicians in Africa. My daily visits to the wards, clinics and operating rooms of rural hospitals was one of the most difficult things I have done, photographically or otherwise.

Playing over and over in my head like an endless slide show since the moment they were created, many of my Africa images are just now beginning to reveal some meaning; others, the majority, tend to raise more questions...questions that I hope with time, will be answered.

My Africa experience is reflected in the story of Pamella Jabechi...her struggle is not unlike that of many Africans, a struggle played out by individuals, communities and nations thoroughout the continent. It is a struggle against monumental odds, without even the most basic armamentarium of facilities, services and support which is so commonplace here in America. Pamella's story does not have a happy ending, which is why I feel compelled to tell it....it is another reality in a place half a world away, a place that needs our help.