Day two in Manila and there is so much here, I would put it on a parallel with Bangkok in terms of photo opportunities.

Red Santos and I started out by exploring and shooting around the railroad tracks in Manila, about 40 minutes away from the Ermita area, where I am staying. Just getting to a destination in Manila, provides plenty of visual stimulation. Jeepnies are a favorite of mine, with their color and adornments!


Under a highway bridge, just 2 meters from the railroad tracks, about 20 families have set up living quarters, each family staking out a spot large enough to construct a makeshift bed from cardboard, wood, or discarded mattresses. This family with four children have been living here for 4 years. The man works as a motorcycle taxi driver earning about 100 pesos a day ($2.25 US). The children play along the tracks, keeping a sharp eye open for oncoming trains.


There are quite a few men who operate small human powered trains, that will transport people along the tracks from point to point for a small fee. The “train” consists of a bamboo platform with seating and an umbrella. Underneath small wheels and a braking system can be found. The whole rig is powered much like riding a skateboard, pushing with one leg. If a real train comes along, everyone just jumps off and the driver removes the rig from the tracks, the ride is resumed after the train passes. Red and I took a ride and it was quite amazing! It reminds me of the “bamboo train” in Battambang, Cambodia. I’ve tried to upload a Flash video that I made with the D3s. I converted the AVI file to Flash using Proshow Producer and uploaded it to YouTube, then embedded it in this post…amazingly, I think it worked! Be sure to turn down you volume first because it came out very loud….I don’t know why it’s so loud but I will try to work on adjusting that next time I do a video.


Next we got back on the “real train” to get across town to our next photo shoot at a large marketplace. En route, the train hit a pickup truck at a train crossing. No one was injured but it caused quite a commotion.


After a long, hot, productive day of scouting, I bid farewell to my new found friend Red Santos. Thanks for all the help Red!

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