Garissa, North Eastern Kenya

Part two of my NGO assignment, shooting for Education Development Center. Garissa, eastern Kenya....

Part two of my NGO assignment with Eductaion Development Center is to document thier G-Youth program in Garissa, north eastern Kenya.


The Garissa Youth Project (G-Youth) is designed to empower youth to make sound career and life decisions as they transition from high-school to the next phase of their lives.

EDC Program office, Garissa

The project offers youth interventions that help them to: build skills, facilitate appropriate career choices, provide employment and/or income generating information, bridge technical and university education opportunities and provide a fun and safe space for youth to socialize. Through the addition of a new component for the project: Youth Action, G-Youth will focus on building the capacity of local youth organizations and networks to increase youth participation and planning in program activities meant to help youth.

G-Youth Soccer education through sports

The G-Youth Project’s Four Major Components:

1. Establishment of a G-Youth Career Resource Center which will provide the project’s target youth population with structured career development information, skills, and opportunities to get jobs, start their own businesses or transition into higher education.

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2. Strengthening and expanding programs at the North East Province Technical Training Institute (NEP TTI), a major technical/vocational training center in Garissa that is currently underutilized.

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3. Provision of sub-grants to partner NGOs working to strengthen the livelihood and employment skills of Garissan youth.

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4. Youth Action – Garissa Youth Project (G-Youth) implements a new initiative; Youth Action, which engages youth leaders to solve problems unique to them. The goal of this new activity is to create mechanisms that enable the youth of Garissa become active participants in the design and implementation of programs and services that impact their lives and futures.

Career training class

From February 2009 to September 2010, the G-Youth Project will be implemented by Education Development Center (EDC) in partnership with local NGOs, higher education institutions, private sector companies and members of civil society.

career training

Career training class

The Out-of-School Youth (OSY) program has been established to prepare out-of-school Garissan youth for the workforce.  The program targets 800 youth ages 16 – 30 who have graduated from high school and are not working or pursuing higher education, or who have dropped out of 3rd or 4th forms. Five groups of 150 youth participants will participate in the program over the life of the project.  The OSY program focuses on work preparedness and entrepreneurship.  Each group will progress through three phases of the program – 1. Work Readiness Core Training, 2. Entrepreneurship Training, and 3. Applied Work Experiences.

The work readiness training is the first of three phases in the OSY program. It is designed to give youth the tools they need to achieve their career goals.  Youth undergo a six week training on three modules covering:
Personal Leadership Development
Career Planning
Skills for Work Success

Work internship

Participating youth take part in community service learning,which involves civic participation in conjunction with the Ministry of Youth Affairs.  Youth also participate in a weekly lecture series event where they learn about different career paths from a wide range of community members.
Phase 2: Entrepreneurship Skills Training
After the Work Readiness core training, participants undergo a training on entrepreneurship, based on the model developed by the Center for International Voluntary Services (CIVS).The entrepreneurship training focuses on practical skills needed to start a small business.

Work experience

Work Readiness Program

Are you currently not enrolled in secondary or higher education? Are you ready to build your personal leadership and you career? Are you ready to contribute your skills to the community? If yes, then you may be ready for G-Youth’s Work Readiness Program.
What is the Work Readiness Program?

The Work Readiness Program (WRP) is G-Youth’s primary activity for out-of-school youth.  The goal of the WRP is to build the confidence and skills of Garissan youth to set work and career goals and be proactive in pursuing those goals.  Simply put, the WRP seeks to shift the mindset and behavior of youth from a mindset of “I can’t” to “I can” and give youth the skills to be successful in their career planning and job hunting/creation efforts.
How does it Work?

The program comprises three phases over a period of approximately five months:

1. Career Development Training
2. Entrepreneurship Training
3. Practical Work Internships

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Video showing environmental issues that EDC G-Youth Program is tackling.

The Career Development Training builds your personal leadership, career planning, and work skills.  It also requires that you give back to Garissa by volunteering in the community.  It includes a weekly Lecture Series to meet leaders from the community who will share advice and tips with you on different career choices. Entrepreneurship Training continues to build your leadership by asking you to creatively develop ideas into businesses in the formal and informal sectors. Practical Work Internships give you a chance to put your skills into practice and build your experience.

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How Can the Work Readiness Program Benefit You?

What is provided?

* Participants receive all training at no cost.  Transportation to the training sites is provided.
* Please note that allowances of any kind are not provided.  G-youth invests its money into bringing you a dynamic training with certificate.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

* Out-of-School youth ages 16 to 30.
* Participants must not be engaged in regular employment or enrolled in school

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