I’m leaving my home turf for a few assignments in Africa, the first is a shoot for Freedom From Hunger in Mali, then it’s off to Kenya and Sudan for Education Development Center. Given the opportunity, I’ll be blogging along the way. Please stay tuned for some posts. Gosh it seems like I rarely blog when I am in the studio, but while on the road, I get all motivated…go figure…
Happy 4th of July!

OK, for those of you who need a cure for insomnia, read on….exciting news (yeah right)…I have just arrived in Atlanta with time to kill, so I’ll put you to sleep with some blogging. I snapped a few iPhone photos as I was walking along.

I remember as a child, at Chicago Ohare airport, running up and down the concourses checking the change returns in pay phones for coins. In those days airports were no-frills kinda’ places. Not today; if there’s not a Starbucks, a TGI Fridays, some high end clothing stores, over priced cosmetics and such, then the place is likely to be torn down, or renovated!

I’ve got a few more hours here in Atlanta so maybe I’ll head over to the information booth and see what I can find.

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