Assignment: The Asia Foundation, Cambodia

I'm documenting the Asia Foundation's work toward effective governance, democracy, and growth in Cambodia. It's hot here...hotter than Thailand. In my opinion, Cambodia really just has two seasons, hot and hotter! Although the heat sometimes makes it very uncomfortable to work here, the Cambodian people are just so genuinely wonderful, that you kind of forget about the heat. There's a joy and radiance in the faces and the personalities here, often captured one's photos.

I’m now in Cambodia, continuing my assignment with The Asia Foundation.

The Asia Foundation works on effective governance, democracy, and growth in Cambodia. their local office work with civil society, the private sector, government agencies, and donors to build stronger partnerships and expand opportunities for peace and prosperity. Our programs contribute to long-term stability, reducing barriers to private sector growth, increasing citizen demand for good governance, countering human trafficking, and building the capacity of university and school libraries

Today I shot images of Buddhism for Development, one of the Asia Foundations local partners. We attended a community meeting where rural folks are learning about their rights in terms of being involved in government.

In the USA we’re very comfortable questioning leaders, police and government officials, but here in Cambodia, cultural standards and practices, make it quite difficult. The Asia Foundation’s programs help people “stand up” and become part of the processes and decisions made you government officials.

Both men and women participate in meetings that take place on the village or “commune” level. It’s great to see people getting so excited to involve themselves in community decisions. Seeing that they have a chance to influence the decision making process is quite a new concept to many of them.

More information and images coming soon…perhaps when I get to a fast internet connection in Phonm Penh……

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