The Asia Foundation Assignment in Bangkok Continues…

The Asia Foundation assignment in Bangkok Thailand continues. My work has been focusing in on several topics including union workers (as seen in the previous post about the Try Arm underwear factory), a childcare center, and the aftermath of the Red Shirt protests....

Child care center started and run by the Thai Women’s union to provide flexible time child care for factory worker’s children.

The manager of the child care center, who formerly worked for an NGO

View of Bangkok shot from the Frasier Building on Sathorn Road.

Above and below, building torched during the March protests

Vandalized phone booth in one of the protest areas.

Above a woman living in the Bonkai neighborhood, a predominently Red Shirt area. Below she points from her apartment window, identifying the area where some of the protests and violence took place.

An elderly woman who is a staunch Red Shirt supporter. She recounted her stories from the demonstrations.

A woman holds a Red Shirt Badge. The badges were given to registered Red Shirts during the March Protests.

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