Freedom From Hunger works with many local partners around the world to help provide loans to folks who don’t have access to credit. Perhaps you’re wondering what a typical meeting looks like, and how I photograph them.

I usually start with an “establishing shot” while walking to the meeting in order to provide viewers with a sense of place.

The meetings usually take place in fairly confined settings, so my 16-35mm f2.8 is quiet useful for capturing the over-all scene.

Local currency is key to identifying in which country the meeting is occurring in, so, in this case I made a close up of the Indian Rupees being used. With the wide lens, I was able to also include some of the group in the background.

Waiting for just the right facial expression is important. In this case I wanted to show the idea of “deep in thought”.

Capturing details.

Again, waiting for just the right facial expression, this time I wanted to capture a smile

An “overall shot”

Women leaving the meeting

Finishing up with a “local environment” shot

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