I’m going to post some shots today; nothing specific to any Asia Foundation programs, but rather, some fun shots of life in Sri Lanka.

When I’m shooting for an NGO, I am often shooting meetings or other activities. Whenever there is “down-time”, I spend the time gathering images that might work for a multitude of applications for the client. The images below are the result of time spent after I got the shots I needed of the community-police meeting.

The community-police meeting was taking place in a small school in a village on the outskirts of town. It was raining while I was inside, shooting the meeting, but when the rain stopped, I ventured out into the surrounding community and looked for some good photo opportunities. A while ago, while developing a shot list, he Asia Foundation indicated that they liked images showing “action” and”motion”, so I’m always on the lookout for shots that fill that need. Lucky for me, some children were jumping over a puddle on their way home after school. Using a fast shutter speed I was able to get a few good “puddle jumping” shots!

As you know, I love shooting in the rain (or just after a downpour) because of the cleanliness of the air, the reflections, and all the glossy surfaces. I think that the resulting images will be quite useful for the Asia Foundation.

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