S unday, I left Calcutta to fly to Columbo, Sri Lanka, to shoot another job for The Asia Foundation, I was just here in Sri Lanka in September, but there’s new material to shoot, so I’m making a stop here before I head back to the states. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been on the road since mid September!

As a brief introduction to Sri Lanka and The Asia Foundations programs here, I would like to share The Asia Foundation’s own overview for Sri Lanka (courtesy of  The Asia Foundation website):

I’ll be spending the next week here, on assignment, posting pictures whenever possible and talking about why I compose shots the way I do, and sharing technical details about the photographs.

The photos below were made to  help the Asia Foundation, “visually explain” their  “Improving Police-Community Relations” programs. I photographed officers going door-to-door, meeting, greeting, and distributing information to folks in their communities. I also shot some law enforcement officers learning Tamil language. For the full story about The Asia Foundation’s programs in Sri Lanka,  check their website.

prepared with materials to distribute to the community

a friendly encounter

Meeting folks in the community

Tamil language training.


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