With more than 1,000 different tribes, Papua New Guinea is, to put it mildly, a people photographer’s paradise.  As if our time spent up-river visiting remote villages and on the Sepik river wasn’t amazing enough, next we headed to the mountains, where Papua New Guinea’s largest Sing Sing festival is held.  The Mt. Hagen  Sing Sing originated in the mid-1900’s, as a venue for tribes to peacefully compete and share their music, culture and traditions, rather than to fight traditional tribal wars.

Today, Sing Sings like the one at Mt. Hagen continue to help keep Papua New Guinea’s rich traditions and rituals alive. These festivals also provide a  truly incredible photographic experience for visitors willing to make the long arduous journey to Papua New Guinea. This year’s Mt. Hagen sing sing gave us unprecedented up-close and personal opportunities  to photograph more than 80 different tribes as they prepared for and performed dances during the two-day, Mt. Hagen Sing Sing.  Information about the 2016 Papua New Guinea trip, click here.
































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