T he 2016 Amazing Myanmar Jim Cline Photo Tours Trip is complete and I’m back in the office putting together a few blog posts with images from an incredible two weeks of shooting with a fantastic group of enthusiastic photographers. We get a lot of shooting in during our trip and often times I hear from participants that “we need more down time” and they are correct. My long time associate and local tour leader Mr. MM and I have been trying to figure out what stops we can eliminate in order to slow the pace down a bit, but we can’t seem to decide what to sacrifice, since all the locations are so awesome!

Although 25 to 30 shots is my usual number of photos in a post, for the first time, I’m posting 100 shots. Yes, that’s right, 100 images, and these 100 are from just the first few days of the tour. Myanmar is indeed, so rich in photo opportunities, that even if we had 24 hours of available light, we probably couldn’t even begin to exhaust all the incredible photographic possibilities that the country has to offer.

I’ll be making a few more blog posts about our Myanmar adventure, but for now, enjoy this selection of my 100 favorites from the first 2 and 1/2 days of the trip.






Shwedegon Pagoda, Yangon




























Shwedegon Pagoda, Yangon














Shwenandaw Monastery







Angkorian bronze statues at Mahamuni Temple, Mandalay







































Under Mingun Bell



Ubien Bridge






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