humanitarian photojournalism humanitarian photojournalist
Humanitarian Photojournalist Humanitarian Photojournalism

As a professional photojournalist and member of NPPA, I adhere to the following code of Ethics:

I will be accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects.

I will resist being manipulated by staged photo opportunities.

I will respect the integrity of the photographic moment.

I will be complete and provide context when photographing or recording subjects.

I will recognize and work to avoid presenting my own bias in the work.

I will avoid stereotyping individuals and groups.

I will treat all subjects with respect and dignity.

I will be unobtrusive and humble in dealing with subjects.

I will give special consideration to vulnerable subjects and compassion to victims of crime or tragedy.

I will intrude on private moments of grief only when the public has an overriding and justifiable need to see it.

While photographing subjects I will not intentionally contribute to, alter, or seek to alter or influence events.

I will not pay sources or subjects or reward them materially for information or participation.

I will not accept gifts, favors, or compensation from those who might seek to influence coverage.

I will vigorously defend the rights of access for all journalists.

I will avoid political, civic and business involvements or other employment that compromise or give the appearance of compromising my own journalistic independence.

While editing images, I will maintain the integrity of the photographic images' content and context. I will not manipulate images or add or alter sound in any way that can mislead viewers or misrepresent subjects.

I will strive by example and influence to maintain the spirit and high standards expressed in this code.

When confronted with situations in which the proper action is not clear, I will seek the counsel of those who exhibit the highest standards of the profession.

I will continuously study the photojournalist's craft and adhere to the ethics that guide and protect it.

Humanitarian Photojournalist Humanitarian Photojournalism

* above photo of Karl copyright Carter Dow 2005