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PADF Columbia: Coca growers turn to alternative crops

Hagar Shelter Phnom Penh Cambodia: helping destitute women

CRS responds to the Tsunami: Interview with Pat Johns

Freedom From Hunger

Salvation Mountain: Leonard Knight

MS 150 Bike Ride October 7-8 2006

Cuba: Havana and rural areas

Cambodia Vision Fund micro-finance

Seedling of Hope Hospice, Cambodia: Dying from HIV/AIDS


Masai Mara Kenya 2002

India 2006 Photo Tour Slideshow

India 2007 Photo Tour Slideshow

Peru 2007 Photo Tour Slideshow

Peru 2008 Photo Tour Slideshow

Peru 2009 Photo Tour Slideshow Group 1

Peru 2009 Photo Tour Slideshow Group 2

SE Asia 2007 Slideshow

SE Asia 2008 group 1 slideshow

SE Asia 2008 group 2 slideshow

Burma, India 2008 - Thailand 2009

SE Asia 2009 slideshow


(The following slideshows exist on outside links)

AIDS: Grappling with a Pandemic in rural Africa

Education Development Center Afghanistan

Education Development Center Philippines 3 slideshows

Education Development Center Timeline Video (see top left on linked page)

Education Development Center Pucallpa Peru: Computers in the Amazon


CHF Slide Shows (thess slideshows exist on the CHF website)

Rebuilding Livelihoods in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka

Alanis Morrisette helps tsunami victims

Fish Market Reconstruction in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

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Karl Interviewed by San Diego Digital Photo Adventures (MP3 audio file)

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Karl interviewed by journalist and photographer, Ingrid Lindemann
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Angkor Hospital for Children

Randall Tobias,
Coordinator of United States Government Activities to
Combat HIV/AIDS Globally
Video with my images

9/11 Tribute Video: Ryan Panachadsaram editor/producer

New York City Memorial : Quicktime Video with music by Sarah McLachlan

Patriotism: Quicktime Video with music by Ray Charles

Mother Teresa 2

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Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying Calcutta: Please read both notes below...

Claire Thomas Freedom From Hunger Tribute with intro speech.

H.A.S please read both notes below...

C.R.S please read both notes below...

Hunger please read both notes below...

Malaria please read both notes below...

HIV/AIDS please read both notes below...

Haiti please read both notes below...

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