humanitarian photojournalism humanitarian photojournalist
Humanitarian Photojournalist Humanitarian Photojournalism

Traveling to the far corners of the world to tell compelling picture stories, award-winning humanitarian photojournalist Karl Grobl reveals the human side of issues faced by people across the globe. His images highlight those basic human elements that comprise the fabric binding all cultures together in our rapidly homogenizing, yet sometimes divided, global community.

Peering well beyond the surface of unfolding stories, Karl's photographs reveal the heart, and sometimes, heart-wrenching truth. His images offer viewers intimate glimpses into the lives of ordinary people all over the world and provide an opportunity for us to reflect upon, and understand their personal struggles and triumphs.

With a keen awareness and reverence for human dignity, Karl creates photographs that not only educate and motivate but also stir a viewer's deep emotion.

Grobl specializes in humanitarian photojournalism, documenting relief efforts and development work of NGOs worldwide. His clients include World Vision, World Relief, World Emergency Relief, Freedom From Hunger, Catholic Relief Services, Family Health International, Pan American Development Foundation and many more.

In the past year (2004-2005), Karl has worked in Sudan, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Peru, Bolivia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Haiti. He also spent more than a month embedded with five different organizations documenting tsunami relief efforts in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

"My goal is always to create high-impact, evocative images which not only inform, but also spark the desire to become involved... images that cause reflection upon and empathy with another human being's struggle, all the while, respecting the dignity of those who appear in the photos. When successful, my imagery reveals a common humanity, allowing viewers to see a bit of themselves in other human beings, half a world away. Beyond just providing information... the images should motivate viewers to take action".

Furthermore, I vehemently adhere to the following code of ethics click here

Humanitarian Photojournalist Humanitarian Photojournalism

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