AP Guide to Photojournalism Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism. It might seems a bit "dated", but the "basics" of photojournalism have not really changed...just the equipment. So I still recommend this book to folks who want to get a good handle on how to tell a story with pictures. Amazon has it for $13.57


I often reference my copy of the ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography: (Amazon $18.87 with free shipping) The book is one of the most used books on my shelf. From standard practices in stock and assignment photography to legal issues, this “business bible” provides answers to many questions an aspiring or professional photographer might ask. In eleven in-depth chapters, over two dozen industry experts offer practical guidance on such topics as estimating prices, formalizing agreements, using electronic technology. The completely updated Sixth Edition also features dozens of ready-to-copy legal and business forms, helpful checklists, and an extensive cross-media bibliography.

National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Written by two National Geographic writer/photographers, this fairly comprehensive introduction to taking photographs details basic equipment (cameras, lenses, and other gear), film, light, composition, exposure metering, electronic flash, subjects for 35mm photography, special situations (underwater and aerial photography), and computer imaging. But perhaps the most interesting and informative sections of the book are the profiles of Sam Abell, William Albert Allard, Annie Griffiths Belt, David Alan Harvey, James L. Stanfield, Michael Yamashita, and other notable photographers. The book concludes with helpful information on travel, photography publications, websites, and other resources. As one would expect, it is amply illustrated with exquisite, high-impact, color images made on location. Great for getting ideas and moitvation.

The Photographer's Market. A very useful book with about 2,000 publications you can sell to. Book includes contact information and submission guidelines. Also articles and tips on the business of photography, as well as new markets to explore and other information which helps you get published, and paid for your work.

The Bang Bang Club: A very interesting read...exciting, sad, thought provoking. Most people, upon hearing gunfire, would run away and hide. Conflict photojournalists have the opposite reaction: they actually look for trouble, and when they find it, get as close as possible and stand up to get the best shot. This thirst for the shot and the seeming nonchalance to the risks entailed earned Greg Marinovich, Joao Silva, Ken Oosterbroek, and Kevin Carter the moniker of the Bang-Bang Club. Oosterbroek was killed in township violence just days before South Africa's historic panracial elections. Carter, whose picture of a Sudanese child apparently being stalked by a vulture won him a Pulitzer Prize, killed himself shortly afterwards. Another of their posse, Gary Bernard, who had held Oosterbroek as he died, also committed suicide. The Bang-Bang Club is a memoir of a time of rivalry, comradeship, machismo, and exhilaration experienced by a band of young South African photographers

Books about Haiti:
Mountains Beyond Mountains
Song of Haiti
The Neglected and Abused: A Physician's Year in Haiti
Restavec: From Haitian Slave child to Middle-class American
The Immaculate Invasion
The Uses of Haiti

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