Cardbus 32 PC slot adapter for super fast downloads from CF Cards

CardBus is a high-performance 32-bit version of the regular 16-bit PC Card standard. The CardBus 32 takes advantage of internal bus speeds that can be as much as 4 to 6 times faster than 16-bit PC Cards. Since 1998, virtually all high-end notebook products had 32-bit capability, now just about every laptop, even the cheap ones do.

CardBus 32 transfer rates are, about 4 times faster than the 16-bit version but your speed also depends on your CompactFlash cards controller speed. With the Cardbus 32 in my Vaio VGN S260 I can download a full 4 gig SanDisk Ultra II card in about 4 minutes.

The cool thing about the CardBus 32 is that instead of carrying around a card reader and connecting cable, the CardBus 32 goes completely within your computer without any external cabling. Put it in, leave it in and you're always ready for downloads....I wish I had one of these in my desktop computer !

The CardBus 32 CompactFlash Adapter is faster than most USB 2.0 and FireWire readers I have tried. Windows XP, 2000, ME and 98/98 SE operating systems are supported, they even make one for Macs now.

The weird thing was that this 32-bit technology was available in Japan for several years before we got it here in the states. When I found out about it, I contacted my friend, Martin Wood, President of Delkin Devices. He said he would check into it... not long after that he decided that Delkin should make one available here in the USA. They have been selling like hotcakes ever since. Lexar also makes a similar device, which for whatever reason, sells for about ten bucks more.

You can purchase a Delkin CardBus 32 at Amazon for $34.95, believe me, every time you use it, you'll be thanking me for telling you about it !









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