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I rarely get so excited about a product, but the EZ Bus Mini is just so darn perfect. Over the course of about 4 years I kept looking for a small external hard drive that I could take on the road. I used some prefabricated 2.5 inch drives and even assembled some of my own using the most compact external enclosures that I could find. In the process, I ran into three problems...the 2.5 inch drives were just a bit too big to fit comfortably in my pocket or down my pants (I'll explain in a minute), the power requirements of 2.5 inch drives are often so close to the power output of a USB port that they sometimes require a special 2 into 1 USB plug or an additional power cable (AC). Also, I always disliked having to carry both the drive and a USB cable.

Enter the Apricorn EZ Bus Mini....it's a 1.8 inch drive, which makes it considerably smaller in size, and the 1.8 inch configuration uses less power than the 2.5 inch drive, so it runs comfortably on the USB port's output without the need for an additional power supply or complicated 2 into 1 USB cable. Even better, the EZ Bus Mini's USB cable is integrated right into the case itself, so you don't have to worry about carrying a separate USB cable around with you !

Now, about that "down my pants" comment. Well, I always worry about being held up by thugs during my long overseas assignments to those "not so safe places", or being relieved of all my stuff at some road block in Haiti or Sudan by underpaid, less than scrupulous, military or government personnel...so I carry all my digital photos on the EZ Bus Mini, in my shirt pocket at all times. If I feel like things are getting dicey, I move the EZ Bus Mini from my shirt pocket down into the front of my pants, in the hope that no one is not going to look "down there" for valuables. Since the EZ Bus Mini is small, robbers will either miss it all together, or just think that I'm well endowed.

Also, please also note that during my travels the EZ Bus mini, (which contains a backup copy of all the imges on my computer) is either on my person, locked up with my pacsafe or secured in a hotel safe. An no time does the EZ Bus mini and the computer occupy space in the same bag. This way, if, God forbid, my computer bag was stolen, or the EZ bus mini, I would still have one copy of all my images.

Scroll down to see a few photos of the unit which demonstrate its diminutive size (just 4" long, 3" inches wide and 0.6" thick. Weight 5 oz.) and some of the other features which I have described.

How the EZ Bus Mini is packaged

Size as compared to coins, credit card and a 2.5" drive

The integrated cable tucks into a slot on the back
also see the neoprene case which helps protect the EZ Bus Mini when not in use

Compared to my old 2.5 inch drive without the USB cable

EZ Bus Mini attached to my Sony Vaio VGN S260

A few more small but important differences, that I feel, make the EZBus Mini, the best 1.8 inch drive on the market !

Tiny rubber bumpers on bottom keep it from sliding around the table or falling off of most surfaces when you are using it. (very important!)

Great ergonomics: the rounded corners make inserting into your pocket easier while the Anti-slip outer coating keeps it from sliding out of your pocket accidentally.

Integrated USB cord folds nicely into the back of the case obviating the need to carry an extra cord which is bothersome at best and disastrous at worst....if you loose a USB cable, the drive is useless.

Apricorn's phone number visible on back in case you need tech support.

The included neoprene carrying case provides added shock protection when transporting the drive around in your pocket, luggage, camera case or briefcase..

Apricorn offers the EZBus Mini in three different capacities....a 20 gig model for $159, a 40 gig model for $229 and the 60 gig for $289. You can get them direct from Apricorn. Click here

During set-up my Vaio
running Windows XP and my Dell running Window's 2000P recognized the Ez Bus mini and installed itself with no problems. Properties tab on my 60 gig unit showed 58.8 gigs available for storage.

Think the EZBus mini is a bit expensive? maybe so; but what's the value of 60 gigs worth of images that you just spent 3 hard-core weeks in the field to get ?

I give this product a big thumbs up. Bravo Apricorn !

You can purchase one directly from Apricorn Click here