Google Earth is amazing, if you don't have it, download it now !

All you need is a PC with an internet connection and you can roam the world at will. Just type in an address anywhere on earth, and navigate there almost the moment you press enter. Navigational tools let you explore any locale, moving in and out, panning around, circling and even changing your perspective to show topographical elements as though your were flying at close to ground level

Here's what the entry page looks like.

I used Google Earth to "preview" my arrival into Kabul Afghanistan. I typed in Kabul and Google Earth brought me in close. I then navigated to the Airport, zoomed in, observed the terminal area, parking lots and other features.

Then I adjusted the horizon and rotated my view back towards downtown Kabul. I saw the road into town and by adjusting my perspective it all made more sense to me, it felt like flying just above the road.

I had read about there being a "graveyard" of old bombed out planes, helicopters and tanks just alongside the road near the airport. Sure enough this was visible in the satellite photos on Google Earth.

On my arrival I knew a bit about what my ride into town would look like...and just as in the photos, when I drove out of the airport, there on my right, just after the traffic circle was the bombed out planes and other wreckage. I remember sitting in the cab, thinking to Google Earth is amazing !

Now I use Google Earth to preview many areas where I will be traveling. Resolution of the Google Earth satellite photos varies quite a bit. There are good photos of Kabul (probably for intelligence purposes), while other areas of the world lack good imagery.

Intrepid travelers and map lovers like myself will undoubtedly love Google Earth. Even if you're not into traveling, get Google Earth and type in your address and see what comes up !

Here's a link to Google Earth