Haiti: My suggestions

(Special note: check the situation before you go, it changes constantly
and Haiti is rarely what you would call "calm and safe")

Here's what Lonely Planet has to say:

Haiti is a poverty-stricken land of urban overpopulation, denuded hillsides and a people suffering the wounds of civil strife and oppression. It is also a vibrant country of colourful art, fantastic music, cloud forests and an intensely spiritual people whose humour and passion are legendary.

A Country in Turmoil The presence of a UN stabilisation force is intended to strengthen Haiti's longterm security. However, the security situation is volatile and Haiti remains an unsafe place to visit.

Kidnappers and well-armed street gangs operate with impunity in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Targets of kidnapping for ransom include wealthy Haitians as well as foreign aid workers and even diplomats.


Despite all of the above, if you do travel to Haiti, you will undoubtedly be taken by the spirit of its people. Everyone I know who's been to Haiti, myself included, finds themselves longing to return. There's just something about Haiti, it's such a desperate place with so many problems, yet in a way it is uplifting and inspiring.



Capital City Port-au-Prince
Area 27,750 sq km 10,714 sq miles
Population 8,300,000
Time Zone GMT/UTC -4
Languages French (official), Creole, English
Religion 80% Catholic, 16% Protestant
(an estimated 50% of Haitians also practice Vodou)
Currency Gourde (G)
Electricity 110V 60HzHz

The press

Le Matin - private daily

Le Nouvelliste - private daily
Haiti Progres - weekly

News agency

Agence Haitienne de Presse


Port au Prince:

Sleep at the Oloffson see photos here more Oloffson info here

Eat at Jerry's Subs, down by Champ 'd Mar

Internet Oloffson

Sights to see

Celular Telephone Service:

Cap Haitian:


Eat cheap ..don't miss the mangos they are delicious !

Internet: I use

Sights to see

Celular Telephone Service: I use



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