Batteries and Chargers:

The Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight system: possibly the best flashlight you can own. The best place to purchase an aftermarket replacement battery pack

I have a Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight System #1 (RX1019), it is probably the best, most durable flashlight out there….this is the one police and rescue folks use. Mine has been through quite a lot and it still works like a champ even after 15 years. The kit costs about $100 new.

Maglite advertises it like this...."Without question, the ultimate lighting tool".

The Mag-Lite Rechargeable Flashlight features a rechargeable NiCAD battery pack, a state-of-the-art electro-formed reflector, an incredibly bright high intensity halogen lamp, solid-state electronics throughout, adapters for both home and car, and a 360 degree Charging Ring so the Mag Charger can be mounted and recharged easily in any position.

After lots of use the NiCad battery pack in my maglite (which consists of five ½ D cells) just plain wears out. I found that in most retail places you can purchase a new battery pack for about $40. Local battery shops will custom make one for you out of ½ D cells for about the same.

I was always kind of bummed that the battery was so expensive so I finally went on the internet and started looking for alternatives. I came across a listing on for a replacement battery pack. It was advertised at $15.95 plus tax ($1.40) plus S&H ($5.94). The total delivered price to my door would be $23.29

I decided what the heck and I ordered one. Sure enough in a few short days it arrived (Batteryspace promised it in 5 to 7 days but it actually it showed up in 3 days). I popped the new battery pack into my Maglite Rechargeable and turned it on….just like new, my Maglite was back to 100 %. I would recommend this unit from as a good replacement option for those wishing to save some money.


Since I don't have 2 chargers for my Maglite I am considering the charger that recommends so that I can keep my original Maglite "cradle charger" in my Jeep and still be able to charge the Maglite in my house, connected to AC current.

Below are the specs on the Maglite replacement battery pack, the Maglite Rechargeable System and the aftermarket charger sold by

The Maglite System Includes: 12 Volt Auto Adaptor 110 Volt AC Converter Rechargeable Battery Pack Flashlight Body Mounting Brackets 2 Halogen Bulbs.

Batteryspace describes the battery pack as follows: Description 6V, 2600mAh NiCd Battery pack made of high quality 5x1/2 D Cells Dimension: 7 x 1.255 inch (L x D) Weight: 12.7 oz

Designed for rechargeable flashlights both for Streamligh and Meglite as the following models. For Streamlight Stunger flashlight SL20, SL20S, SL20X, Mini Stinger 200394, 20x1701, 40070149, 41b038, af00101 9032, arxx075, ma5, ML500, ML5000, RX1019 For Meglite Flash light Replace the Maglite ARXX075 system.

The power pack can provide 5 hrs rurning time. for 3 w halogen light and 2.5 hrs for 6W, and 1.5hrs for 10W.

Here are the specs on the universal charger that Batteryspace sells for $27.95

Universal Smart Charger is designed for any NiMH/NiCd battery pack from 2.4V- 7.2V with capacity > 600mAh 100-240V AC input for world wide power support. Ideal for 4.8V - 7.2V NiMH battery packs of RC flight, RC car, Bikelighting and rechargeable flashlight. It can alse be use as a battery charger module for any DC device It is a very smart charger. Just plug it in and wait for battery to charge Automatically detect battery pack's voltage, Red LED will be on during charging. Automatically cut-off by negative delta V. When battery is fully charge, LED will change from Red to Orange color. Two current levels 0.6A and 1.2A, are selectable by a switch For battery pack less than or equal to 1200mAh, please switch charging rate to 0.6A For battery pack over 1200 mah, please switch charging rate to 1.2 A The fuse is installed in power line for protection of over current, short circuit & reverse polarity protection. It is easy to replace. Two extra fuse is included .

Charging time is about 4 hrs for 4500 mAh battery pack, 1.5 hrs for 1800 mAh, and 1hr for 1200 mAh. One standard Tamiya male connector is installed with the charger. One set of Clip adapter with a female tamiya connector included for charging any battery packs. One connector adaptor from standard Female Tamiya to Male Mini. Tamiya for charging RC air battery packs.