Medical Evacuation Insurance Policy for travelers:

You may want to get this service if you travel often...

Personally, I use Med Jet Assist MedjetAssist is an annual travel membership program for people who travel for business or pleasure, in the United States or abroad. As a MedjetAssist member, if you’re ever hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, we will fly you to the hospital of your choice at no charge in a medically equipped and staffed aircraft. Pre-paid annual memberships for individuals up to 75 years of age is $205. Med Jet Assist is one of the only companies that does not have an exclusion for hot spots and war zones. They will come get you even if you are in Afghanistan or Iraq....check the fine print...most others will not !

You must be "hospitalized" in whatever country you happen to be in before they will come and get you. If things go really wrong a Medical Evacuation policy is nice to have because if you have to pay fpr it on your own, it will cost thousands of dollars !

You get some cards like this to put on your luggage with a phone number to call from anywhere in the world.





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