If you are in transit at Osaka's Kansai Airport and need to get some sleep and don't want to spring for a hotel or "day room", grab a blanket on your way off the airplane (return it after use please) and find a row of seats in a quite area on the upper level. I had about 8 hours between my arrival from Bangkok and my departure to Los Angelse so I crashed out on a row of seats near the short stay rooms / shower facility.

There is wi-fi internet access here, so if you can't sleep, just open your laptop and log on, or use one of the free internet kiosks. If you need power to surf or charge your computer or cell phone, there are plenty of electrical sockets around.

There's a snack shop / restaurant in the area as well as some expensive luggage and jewelry places and a Starbucks. A shower facility costs $6 for 30 minutes and makes for a nice "refresher" prior to your next flight. Several large screen plazma tv screens in this area will also entertain you or catch you up on world news while you relax.

Above is a photo taken on approach to Osaka's Kansai International Airport.

The Osaka Kansai airport is squaky clean, modern and convenient during a lay-over....although, as in most airports things are a bit expensive...a Starbucks coffee and a donut will set you back about $5.00 US.

Happy travels !




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