Pac-Safe Luggage locking system:

Pack Safe: I use it all the's the only reason I feel even remotely comfortable leaving anything of value in my room.

I use the PAC-Safe 55, it fits packs with a volume of approximately: 1550-3400 cubic inches, (like my Eagle Creek Continental Journey) which means I can fit both my pack and my camera belt pack system inside it.

The PAC-Safe weighs: 1.1lbs/500g, including the keyed padlock which you should immediately replace with a combination type lock...Why inconvenience yourself with having to keep track of a key or at worst loose the key and not be able to get into your own luggage ! I purchased a small, sturdy combination lock.

The PAC-Safe Folds to: 5.5x4x2in/14x10x5cm and fits in a provided carry pouch.

If you have to leave your luggage (even for a short time), make the effort to place your stuff in the PAC-Safe and secure it to something permanent.

Here's a photo of my PAC-Safe around my bag, secured to a piece of sturdy furniture...

When I'm checked into a hotel, I leave the bag which contains my clothes, toiletries and other "easily replaceable stuff" out on the table, on the luggage cart or wherever

I place valuables like my smaller day-pack which contains my computer, battery chargers and other essential stuff inside the PAC-Safe and attach it to the headboard of the bed, a chair, a desk, or even the toilet. It's inconvenient and time consuming, but when I go out working all day I feel a bit more comfortable knowing that taking my valuables, won't be as simple as walking into my room, picking up my pack and walking out.

Here's a photo of my PAC-Safe around my camera belt system and my day-pack containing my computer and other essential gear....again, secured to a piece of sturdy furniture...

Let me repeat.....when I leave my hotel room to go to dinner for example, I use the PAC-Safe to lock up my camera belt pack and my smaller day-pack which contains my computer. If someone comes into the room and steals some socks, underwear, or other contents of my luggage (to see what's inside my luggage, click here) I can replace's the expensive stuff I am worried about.

Frankly, if I am at all concerned with security, I will generally take my cameras to dinner with me. Although it's inconvenient, I feel better relaxing at dinner, knowing that my cameras are right with me. Besides, sometimes a cool night shot, presents itself before, during or after dinner.

In those rare occasions when I'm staying at a hotel of such "high caliber" that I have my own "in-room" safe, I will use it, to protect my cameras. I can usually fit both my cameras including the lenses, inside. First, take out the shelf that's in the safe by lifting and twisting. Next, remove the lens hoods from your lenses and like a jigsaw puzzle try positioning your cameras until they fit.

Of course, the PAC-Safe can also be used when checking your luggage on an airplane, just be sure to lock it with a TSA approved lock, to that they don't cut it apart in order to look inside. The TSA approved luggage lock is also explained here

I'm pretty sure that given enough time and a wire cutter, you could gain access to a bag which is protected by a Pac-Safe...that's not really the point...what you're trying to do with this system is to make it harder than the next guy's luggage. Most thieves are looking for "easy pickings". Like they say, if you are in a group of people being chased by a lion, you don't have to be able to outrun the lion, you just have to be able outrun the other folks.

Until everyone has a PAC-Safe you'll be relatively safe !

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