Point and shoot digital Cameras.

My first point and shoot digital was a 2 megapixel Canon Digital Elph, it was really sleek looking and at the time it was "cutting edge" it cost about $500. Eventually I sold it on Ebay.

My wife wanted a small, simple digital camera for use on trips, so I purchased her a Canon A510 for about $110. Although the Canon A510 is still available in some places, it has pretty much been replaced by the Canon A520 which sells for $169 at Adorama . The reasons to buy the Canon A510 or Canon A520 are:

Canon A510 Canon A520

Both the Canon A510 and the Canon A520 run on two AA batteries, instead of an expensive proprietary battery. That means you will save money and hassle in the long run. If you have a Panasonic BQ390A/2PK NiMH Battery and Charger or the Sony Power Charger and 4 NIMH 2100 mAh batteries you will never find yourself in a situation where this camera will fail you...and if for some reason you forgot to bring your replacement AA batteries along, you can purchase AA batteries just about anywhere in the world. If you're in some remote location and your camera runs on a proprietary battery you're probably out of luck.

These 3 megapixel cameras will give you nice quality photos even blown up to 8 x 10 so don't fuss over getting a higher resolution model unless you really plan on making enlargments. For 4x6 prints this is all you need.

Obviously, the information on this page becomes obsolete almost as soon as I publish it. SInce I don't keep up on the latest and greatest point and shoot cameras, I suggest you check my friend, Ken Rockwell's site for more up to date info. As of May 2007, Ken Rockwell recommends the Casio EX V7