Photographing home interiors and exteriors for use in real estate brochures and on websites.

My brother owns a successful real estate brokerage firm in the Chicago area. One day he called me for advice on the best way to photograph his properties (primarily interiors) and post the photos to his website

I told him he could hire a professional with high end tilt and shift wide angle lenses if necessary or do it himself with a point and shoot digital. For some great advice on the more high end way of doing interior photos, check out my long time friend Ken Rockwell's in depth explanation here.

I'll go ahead and post my recommendations regarding the point and shoot option, in case it helps you. Who knows, you might even think of doing real estate photography for local realtors...there seems to be some pent up demand.

OK, the challenge in creating respectable interior real estate photos with most consumer digital cameras is to have a wide enough lens to capture interior shots. Unfortunately, the Canon A510 and A520 do not have a wide enough lens for photographing other than the largest interiors.

The Canon A510 and A520 can be converted to a wider lens with the following accessories...

The Canon LA-DC52F Conversion Lens Adapterfor $16.95

combinded with the Canon WC-DC52, 0.7x Wide Angle Conversion Lens which costs $74.00

The camera plus the wide angle conversion still costs under $300 dollars, and you'll be able to get some nice interior shots.

Here are a few images created by my brother (a real estate broker not a photographer) using the Canon A520 with the normal lens. Similar shots using the wide angle Canon WC-DC52 will be posted soon. Thanks for your patience.

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