If you are in transit at Seoul Korea Incheon Airport and need to relax or sleep, head to one of two "Transfer Passengers Lounges" located on the upper level. I had about 9 hours between my arrival from Ulaan Baatar and my departure to Mumbai, rather than get a room I slept on a sofa, then grabbed a bite to eat, caught up on email, and created this web page prior to my next flight.

Follow the signs and when you get upstairs look for the area with a bunch of sofas and chairs. If you are lucky or arrive at a "not so busy time" grab a sofa. They are a bit short, so if you are over 5'-9" you can't fully stretch out but hey, it's better than sleeping on benches, seats or the floor !

There is a large screen plazma tv screen in the lounge will also entertain you or catch you up on world news while you relax.

There are free internet access kiosks in the lounge so you can check email. There is also wireless although the signal is not all that good, and it seemed to drop my connection every 30 minutes or so. I ended up logging on to the "unsecured" Northwest Airlines network because (I was seated near their executive lounge.

There is also several restaurants including Burger King, Subway Subs, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other Korean restaurants in the main "mall area" of the airport, downstairs.

Sleeping rooms (day rooms) are available. A single room rates for 6 hours run about $50. There is also a massage service and shower facility. A shower costs $6 US.

Happy travels !




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