If you are in transit at Singapore Airport, chill out at the Oasis lounge, with its comfortable sleeping lounges and free massage chairs. The Oasis lounge is near the end of the E gates. You could go to the main hub of the airport and pay about $10 per hour for the same massage chairs, but why when you can use one of these for free. The Oasis lounge is fairly "unknown" and a bit out of the way...it's is a fantastic place to relax after a long flight. I had about 8 hours between my arrival from Taipei and my departure to Bangalore, rather than get a room I had a free chair massage, then grabbed a bite to eat, walked around then took a shower prior to my flight.

Regular recliners below, not nearly as comfortable as the massage chairs, but better than sleeping on benches, seats, uprigght chairs or the floor !

Here's the entrance to the lounge...look for the orange sign "the Oasis" located in a quite out of the way area down by gate E6. Several large screen plazma tv screens in the lounge will also entertain you or catch you up on world news while you relax.

There is even free internet access kiosks in the lounge so you can check email. The only complaint I have is that the computers log you off every 15 minutes (so as to discourage long users). Too bad they don't have airport wide wireless. In Taipei, in some areas unsecured wireless is available, just fire up your computer and look for available networks (some free, some for a fee).

There is also several restaurants including Burger King and a free internet cafe in the main "mall area" of the airport.

Sleeping rooms (day rooms) are also available but book up fast. Single room rates for 6 hours run about 20 dollars for room with shared bath and $35 room with private bath. Shower facilities are also available for $6

Happy travels !




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