On line photo sharing and storage

I use Smugmug for my on-line photo storing and sharing needs. Smugmug has many features and benefits that made it the best choice for me.... have a look at my Smugmug page by clicking the photo below.

SmugMug keeps 4 backup copies of each photo in 3 states, that makes me feel pretty confident. My customers and I can view and retrieve images anytime anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Smugmug employs real people who respond to every e-mail quickly if you have a question or problem.

Smugmug offers plans from $39.95/year to $149.95/year. I use the Profesional service at $149.95 per year.

They offer "unlimited storage" and "unlimited traffic" on their Professional accounts. I called to be sure before I began to upload 70 gigs of photos !

With the pro account, photos may be up to 16 megabytes. Uploading photos is fairly easy if you use Omar Shahine's nice little plug in called "send to Smugmug". Using Smugmug's drag and drop image uploader is buggy and slow, while Omar Shahine's send-to-smugmug plug in usually works better and faster. It takes a fair amount of time to upload large number of images so, I usually start an upload when I go to bed or will be away from the compter for a while.

If you want to sell prints on line you can set print prices and make profit Proof-delayed shipping Backprinting and/or sell digital downloads . There are options for custom watermarks

I can lock sensitive galleries with passwords. Customers can view photos without registering, and without spam.

Also, if you know a bit about web design, you can design your pages to look like your own website.

If you decide to use smugmug, I can save a you $5 on a smugmug subscription meanwhile earning a $10 credit for myself. It's simple, when you sign up just cut and paste or type this coupon code ( UNWZf5KeIAE9k ) into the 'Referred by' field on the signup form. Once you sign up you will have your own code to pass along to friends and you can earn credits too.

More info on Smugmug including a free trial download click on the logo below.