Stung Meanchey

One of the saddest sights in Cambodia's burgeoning capital city, Phnom Penn, is the sprawling 100 acre garbage dump at Stung Meanchey. Thick plumes of black smoke rise from the stinking pile, choking the air with toxic gasses where more than 250 people (including many children) scavenge through the 900 tons of garbage dumped daily at the site. "This is the closest thing to hell on earth I've ever seen," said David Pred, an aid worker who is trying to assist orphans at the dump site. "I don't understand how people can allow a place like this to exist." Everyone agrees that this is a horrible situation and something must be done…. A spokesperson for the Cambodian government was quoted as saying "but locking people out of the dump means denying them work and wages…not allowing them to work could mean endangering their lives". The residents of Stung Meanchey have few options and no political power, they're here because it's a way to support themselves.