Brother Vistal

While attending the seminary of St. Gerard parish in Haiti, Brother Pierre St-Vistal made a horrible discovery that forever changed the course of his life." One night I found a group of girls sleeping on the steps of the seminary. Some were little ones, no more than six or seven years old. They were orphans fleeing rape and other abuses on the streets, and they came because they believed that God might protect them here in the shadow of the church," Brother Pierre said. "I was stunned--and I felt compelled to do something to help them." At first Brother Pierre did the only thing he could--he stood watch at night on the seminary steps, carrying a wooden bat to drive away anyone who might come to rob or abuse the girls, but he wanted to do more. With the idea of building a small home to protect and house the children, Brother Pierre turned to contacts in the United States and Canada for the financial support he needed. Eventually he was able to purchase a small building in a slum area on the edge of Port au Prince. (click the arrow at right to continue with the story)