Sadhus, Hinduism's wandering religious "holy" men. Individuals who forgo normal life, renounce all belongings, and live nomadic or reclusive lives in search of enlightment, and divinity. Amazing, yes, devout maybe, strange...absolutely!

The term "holy", can sometimes be a misnomer since Sadhus are not all seekers of God. The unmistakable dress (or lack there of) does impart respect among the faithful, but it is a known fact that some Sadhus are criminals wanted by police for murders, rapes, swindling or trade in contraband and narcotics.

Saduhs are fascinating photogenic characters and I have spent considerable time photographing them in Nepal and throughout India. They are pretty much a friendly bunch.

The largest gathering os Sadhus occurs at the Maha Kumbh Mela the world's largest religious festival.