Guatemala , "the land of eternal spring", quenches the cultural thirst of even the most jaded traveler. It is a retreat of resplendent natural beauty, steeped in an artist's palate of vibrant color.
A land rich in tradition, at times embracing, at times resisting modernization. Her people, emerging from a protracted civil war, exude a palpable optimism that defies their tumultuous legacy. From the mystery of its Mayan temples hidden deep in El Peten, to the stunning colonial architecture of its old capital Antigua, to the energy of its colorful, chaotic highland markets, Guatemala weaves a harmonious assortment of sights and sounds that will overwhelm, engross, and astonish.

Friends Candy  Panajachel
Iglesia Santo Tomas Market
Sisters Atitlan


Lilies Palopo

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